Speed Limiter is a very important tool for improving road safety, improving compliance with speed limits and reduce unsafe driving speeds.

Speed Limiter Devices (SLD)

Speed Limiter saves lives. Excessive / inappropriate speed is the biggest factor contributing to the road traffic injury / crashes faced in our country today. The higher the speed the greater the stopping distance required and hence the increased risk of a crash. As more kinetic energy must be absorbed during a high speed impact, there is a higher risk of injury and loss of life.

Speed Limiter is a very important tool for improving road safety. However, improving compliance with speed limits and reduce unsafe driving speeds are not easy tasks. Many truck drivers do not recognize the risks involved and often the perceived benefits of speeding outweigh the perceived problems that can result.

Our Speed Limiter solution solves this problem. It is a device whose primary function is to control the fuel feed to the engine, in order to limit the vehicle speed to a preset value


  • Indigenous microprocessor controlled design.
  • Low EMI generation and High EM immunity.
  • Constant monitoring and governing of speed.
  • Provision for checking set speed limit at any time.
  • Easy installation.
  • Smooth and accurate operation..

Value Proposition

Saves Lives & Properties
Empowers by giving superior control over the vehicle thereby drastically reducing fatalities and loss of properties on the road.
Saves Fuel
An internal study by a state road transport corporation reveals that an average of 15% savings in fuel was obtained when fitted with a speed static device at 60km/h speed.
Saves Vehicle
Control over speeding means less number of braking, less vibration, less engine stain, less wear and tear.
Saves Product on Transit
Reduction in speed means reduced rate of accidents which equal to safety of products that translates into millions.
Saves Environment
Precise control of fuel causes an optimum performance of the engine, results in ideal firing with minimum exhaust gases and thus reduces air pollution.

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