Asset Telemetry for Generator / Diesel Tanks can save you over 20%

Generator / Diesel Tank Monitoring Solution

Never Miss Routine Maintenance
Real time alerts on Preventive Maintenance schedules for your generators via engine hours monitoring and NEVER miss a routine maintenance event and incidental costs of poor practices.

Diesel Supply
Real-time alerts on literage quantities whenever your diesel tanks are refuelled by the supplier.

Physical Monitoring
Cut the number of persons you need to be ‘dipping’ calibration sticks in tanks.

Actual Consumption
Real-time alerts on generator consumption patterns along with real-time engine hours monitoring.

Generator Engine Parameters
Real-time alerts on Generators engine parameters**: Coolant Temperature, RPM, Frequency, Battery Voltage etc.

Power generation equipment is essential for Primary, Temporary and Backup power. There is zero tolerance for failures or delays in providing power.

  • Primary- In many areas of the world, it is the only power source and therefore must be maintained to operate continuously.
  • Temporary- Rentals and intermittent use for construction, event or episodic use.
  • Backup- Standby power generators must be reliably functional, and when needed – immediately and automatically react.

Sattrak offers a unique generator remote performance and analysis solution, as part of its energy optimizing solutions. The solution offers remote analysis of generator performance enabling scheduling for preventive maintenance and for managing diesel consumption in storage tanks. These information can be easily accessed as various statistical and operation reports.

Operational Benefits

  • Business continuity/revenue protection-preservation
  • Increase operational uptime
  • Maintain uptime of mission critical equipment

Cost Reduction on Operational Expenses (OPEX)

  • Save on unnecessary and false refueling/maintenance trips
  • Maintain equipment and peripherals in optimal condition
  • Early and rapid detection to support reaction to remote site events
  • Early warning of equipment operational deviations- reprioritize preventative maintenance across the fleet
  • Reduce generator fuel consumption
  • Detect and monitor fuel “shrinkage” and fuel invoice errors
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